HeroThemes Joins WPBeginner Growth Fund


In recent news, WPBeginner Growth Fund has announced an investment stake in HeroThemes, one of the most trusted WordPress-centric theme and plugin companies.

Syed Balkhi, Founder of WPBeginner, stated: ‘I have invested in the HeroThemes through the WPBeginner Growth Fund and will be advising the team on how to expand their business. I’m really excited to be working with Chris, Richard, and the entire team to help accelerate their growth in 2023 and beyond. They will be joining me at our next Mastermind.’


In a statement released, Chris, Richard, and the rest of the HeroThemes team said: ‘With WPBeginner’s impressive history of helping WordPress product companies reach their full potential and accelerate growth, we’re excited to collaborate and take our products to new heights. We believe this partnership will enable us to innovate more rapidly and deliver even greater value to our customers.’

The HeroThemes team also mentioned, ‘We have several exciting projects in the pipeline that we can’t wait to unveil in the coming months.’

About HeroThemes

With over 26k customers using their WordPress products, HeroThemes offers themes and plugins that help businesses provide an enhanced customer support experience to their customers. The WordPress themes and plugins offered by HeroThemes include:

  • KnowAll Theme: With this knowledge-base WordPress theme, you can set up a new knowledge-base website in seconds. It also offers deep integration with the Heroic KB plugin.
  • Heroic FAQs: This FAQs plugin helps you create and manage frequently asked questions (FAQs) on your website.

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