State Of Enterprise WordPress Survey By Big Bite


UK-based enterprise WordPress agency, Big Bite, has announced the launch of a new survey called State of Enterprise WordPress. This one-of-a-kind survey aims to collect data on how WordPress serves large-scale enterprises.

The insights gathered from the Big Bite survey will highlight how large-scale organizations and brands use WordPress. If they use it as a primary CMS or a tool to power their blog or a secondary publishing tool. The report generated from the survey will also provide insights into how the WordPress CMS can be improved.

The survey focuses on several key areas and the questions included cover:

  • Publishing processes
  • Custom functionality
  • Infrastructure and architecture
  • Platform strengths
  • Budgets and user frustrations.

The survey will provide an overview of why big brands choose the WordPress CMS, which currently has a market share of 63.3%. In addition, it will help determine if enterprise businesses use the block editor and what future improvements they’d like to see made on this platform.

The survey takes approx 7 minutes to complete and all data collated will be aggregated and anonymized ensuring complete confidentiality.

If the report generated from the Big Bite survey is well-received by the global WordPress community, the agency may continue to publish it on an annual basis. The data and insights gathered from this survey can also help many understand how large enterprises are using this platform and enable them to work on the pain points highlighted, thereby offering better solutions for this particular top-tier segment.

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