BuddyPress 12.0: Next Major Version and New Improvements


BuddyPress has outlined its new purpose by announcing the release of its latest 12.0 version. The latest version is slated to offer further improvements, primarily the replacement of their Legacy URL parser (widgets) with the new BP Rewrites API (based on the WordPress Rewrite API). This move to merge BP Rewrites into the core will provide users with enhanced features.

The new version will also have a community visibility feature that will enable users to use BuddyPress to power their private communities. Also, to ensure users don’t face any plugin conflict, they have built a BP Classic plugin that will provide backward compatibility. Other benefits of the BuddyPress 12.0 includes:

  • Customizable URLs which is essential for SEO.
  • Support for plain permalinks.
  • BP URL parsing to be fully compliant with WordPress best practices.

The final release of BuddyPress 12.0 is slated for October 30. BuddyPress has also mentioned that anyone who wants to participate and contribute towards developing this new version is welcome.

For the uninitiated, BuddyPress is a highly modular WordPress plugin that allows site builders and web developers to create a social media network on a self-hosted WordPress website. It is a robust, open-source micro-community plugin that can help website owners to create their own social network, which can help strengthen communication between their employees and customers.

It is a 100% free WordPress plugin and has built-in support for Akismet and bbPress. Additionally, to help expand the plugin’s functionality in WordPress, there are many WordPress themes and plugins made specifically for BuddyPress.

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