WordPress Power Showcased Through Webby-Nominated Sites


The 27th annual Webby Award winners have been announced, and Crafted with Code has curated a list of the best websites built using WordPress.

WordPress is a leading CMS platform that started in 2003 and turns 20 this year. From a simple blogging platform to now being a dynamic website-building CMS, WordPress has helped many small businesses realize their dreams of creating a website through its open-source software.

This year’s Webby Awards received nearly 14,000 entries from 50 states and over 70 countries. Out of these, around 60 innovative digital projects were nominated. Crafted with Code offers an overview of these projects and the people and processes involved in building them. These inspiring stories uncovered by Crafted With Code can motivate budding web creators.

Below are the top 7 WordPress websites for 2023 that Crafted With Code highlighted in their list.

  • ING Good Finds: This is the world’s first slow commerce platform. It is an experimental digital marketplace that’s only open on Saturdays. ING Good Finds is built using WordPress and WooCommerce with a headless approach for 3D map integration.
  • ETHOS Genetics: Using WordPress, ETHOS Genetics has been able to create a dynamic website that puts cannabis education and functionality in the spotlight.
  • Jimmy Nelson: This website provides visitors with an immersive experience and highlights the indigenous cultures and the work of Jimmy Nelson.
  • Wellington College: The team working on this project created a technically complex website using WordPress and a bespoke theme that uses PHP, HTML, and JS. The final product was a sleek and contemporary website with energetic visual elements.
  • Smashed Online: This website provides a WordPress multisite experience and includes technologies like Sass, NPM, Node.js, and Video.js. To offer their site visitors a life-changing digital experience, Smashed Online also partnered with WP Engine for their hosting needs.
  • Lyfter: Using their proprietary WordPress framework, Lyfter was able to completely revamp their old website to create a highly functional site that showcased their creativity and digital experience with a side of humor.
  • Arlo Hotel: This project used a multi-site WordPress implementation to create an interactive website, which is highly functional and visually pleasing.

Fun fact: Around 40% of all Webby award-winning WordPress projects used WP Engine for their hosting needs.

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